Why we started the Terry Ames Care fund

Simple answer: Family

It is difficult to understand the financial pressures that a family faces when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Time off work, parking, trips, treatments and diagnostics that aren’t covered by OHIP and Complementary care all can place huge burdens on family finances. I went through this and understand. The Terry Ames Care Fund at the Northern Cancer Foundation was set up to help families who needed our financial help so that they could focus on beating cancer.

Our message to recipients:

Dear recipient or potential recipient of assistance from the “Terry Ames  Care Fund”. We sincerely hope that this money will help in your recovery. It is important that you understand where this money comes from and why you are receiving it.

The money comes from many hard-working people in Sudbury who know that when someone is going through Cancer they need help in so many ways. Financial help is one way that we can help. But with this help we want to make sure you understand that everyone supporting the “Fund” want you to fight for your life. Right now we want you to do your best to concentrate on this one thing.

If you know of a family that can use our help, please contact us. We can direct funds directly to the family.


Helping patients and their families create hope where it often can be lost.