Local Cancer Support Draw

Big congratulations to all our winners!

2019 Results:
Grand Prize - 2019 Chevrolet Silverado: Brad Basso
SCOTT Sub Cross Bikes: Dale Dunn
Weber BBQ Package: Steve Tanton
Obus Leather Office Chair: Luigi Pigozzo
Timberwolf Golf foursome with dinner: James McPhail

Winners of Truck at Crosstown

Huge thank you to all our sponsors, as well as friends family and our incredible community for all your help selling tickets.

With your support, we've raised approximately $70,000 for the Terry Ames Care Fund and the Northern Cancer Foundation!

Next draw is in 2021

Why We Started Terry Ames Care Fund

The Terry Ames Care Fund at the Northern Cancer Foundation was set up to help families who needed financial help so that they could focus on beating cancer. As important as this charity is to raise money for families fighting cancer, it’s success has more to do with helping to inspire patients and their families and creating hope where it often can be lost. An appropriate quote comes from one of the Fund's supporters; "His deepest wish was to inspire random acts of kindness. He hoped that if everyone extended a helping hand to someone in need of love or friendship, food, or shelter, a smile or a visit, ours might be a better world. Please, act generously.”

Thanks, Terry


Total Raised To date

180 Families

# of People Helped


# of Tickets Available

What People Are Saying

Thank you for helping my grandfather with your Fund. You have helped give him a chance to fight. Your positivity has helped our family greatly. Thank you.

Thank you for the financial assistance your Fund provided. We were not expecting the amount given or how fast it came. Thank you.

The Terry Ames Cancer Fund helped me through the time I had to leave work for my cancer treatments. Their contribution meant alot to me. It’s because of their generosity that I was able to focus on my health and get back on my feet to return to work. I’m so grateful. Sincerely