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“Living Your Best Life” stands as a testament to the power of the human spirit. Terry’s courageous battle against cancer and his inspiring journey provide profound insights into the limitless potential for resilience, the cultivation of a positive mindset, and overall vitality and wellness.

Terry’s exploration of overcoming cancer, treatments, and the significance of a healthy mindset, as well as the candid stories of caregivers and the life-changing journeys provide invaluable wisdom for anyone facing adversity.

This book goes beyond being a guide and Terry’s perspective is truly unique. He leads by example through his unwavering commitment to serve others and help people navigate life’s challenges. What resonates with me is his emphasis on asking for help, staying humble, and nurturing a well-balanced life. His message stands as a constant reminder that we are all perpetual works in progress- always growing, learning, and evolving.

The Second book – Living Your Best Life

Beating Cancer – My Survival Guide sold over 2,000 copies, which is a good amount for just selling it locally at a few health food stores and through the Northern Cancer Foundation. It also means we raised close to $50,000 for the Terry Ames Care Fund which helps local families with financial support while they battle Cancer. The intent of Beating Cancer – My Survival Guide was to give people hope and inspiration, be a helpful guide to those fighting cancer and to be a strong fundraising vehicle for our Fund. I think we accomplished all three. Now for the new book, we want to expand our focus from ‘Beating’ cancer to ‘Prevention’ of cancer and other diseases. We want people to buy the book before they get sick. In this way we can reach more people, sell more books and do even more good in helping people and their families. So much has changed since we wrote the first book. Some of the ideas of the first book are obsolete. Some treatments that were deemed ‘experimental’ or alternative are becoming medically acceptable or very close to it. Treatments like Immunotherapy have become so important to every day cancer care and the research continues. The power of the Mind and its role in overall health continues to expand. And the research on Aging well is so very exciting to share. “Living Your Best Life -Your guide to beating cancer or preventing it in the first place”, is not really a second edition. While we use quite a bit of the content of the first book, we wanted to treat it as a stand alone book. You don’t need to go out and buy the first book to enjoy or find the second book useful. We kept all the good stuff and eliminated what didn’t fit. The goals of this book:

  1. Share my story and so many other great stories of hope and inspiration. Not all stories have a perfect ending but they are beautiful to share.
  1. Raise more money for the Terry Ames Care Fund. We continue to help families going through cancer with financial support. If we can sell 5,000 books and we have enough sponsors to help pay for the production of the book then we would have made over $100,000 to help support these local families. Share our website www.terryamescarefund.com to become a sponsor, donate or buy additional copies of the book.
  1. Guide you through your cancer or any disease journey.
  2. Help you to Live Your Best Life and prevent cancer or other diseases. I am cancer free now, but I live everyday with the fear of my cancer coming back. I love researching ways to stay healthy and keep my immune system strong to keep the cancer away. There is no magic pill but rather the “Compound Effect” of doing so many little things that add up to one big thing. Enjoy the book.

Preface from the first book Beating Cancer – My Survival Guide

I hope this book serves many purposes. I wanted to share my story of beating cancer because I think it is a good story. I meet families almost every week who are fighting cancer and I would like to help them all. If all you get out of this book is the inspiration and desire to help others fighting cancer or help inspire your own battle with cancer, I will be happy. I am not a medical doctor, a naturopath, a nutritionist, a meditation guru, a priest, nor some kind of healer. I am just someone who wants to share all of the amazing things I have come across that helped me and others beat cancer. Nothing in this book is absolute. There are so many new and old discoveries when it comes to the fight against cancer. I will focus on the top main contributors to beating my cancer, and potentially yours. We will also touch on some other minor contributing factors. Most of the ideas in this book do not belong to me. There are over 100 contributors to the ideas I will share with you. I will try and give proper credit where it is due. My intention is not to take these ideas and make them my own, but rather to inform and present the best of the best. 100% of the proceeds of this book and any other related materials will go directly to the Terry Ames Care Fund. This fund is administered by the Northern Cancer Foundation. The fund is set up to help families with their financial needs when they are battling this terrible disease. Donations can be made anytime by calling the Northern Cancer Foundation at 705-523-4673. Or email at ncf@hsnsudbury.ca. Tax receipts are available for any donation over $20.

What I hope to accomplish with this book

I want to educate and guide cancer patients and their caregivers through our medical system. Your oncologist will be your point person. Our system is not perfect, but the medical staff, nurses, doctors, nutritionists all have an important role. Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy or surgery may be a necessary part of your treatment. I am here to help you to understand and ask the right questions. Your medical staff will understand the importance of you doing your due diligence in seeking the best treatments. These include, but are not limited to; conventional, experimental, complementary, and integrative. I will try to help you communicate with your healthcare professionals and make sure you both understand the big picture. I want to motivate you! I want to lift your spirits and help you visualise that moment that you or your loved one will be cancer-free. It is possible. You just have to taste and feel that victory. Maybe the most important thing that has come out of my triumph over cancer is the ability to inspire others in their fight against cancer. I want to assist you in understanding complementary and Integrative care. Many of the things we talk about are right here in our backyard. I am talking about everything; mind, body, and soul. You cannot beat cancer for good until you defeat the underlying causes of cancer, whether it is stress, movement, environmental, or nutritional. Your cancer battle is dealing with the immediate danger right now, but also changing or eliminating the factors that have contributed to the cancer. You don’t just want to beat cancer for now, you want to defeat it for the rest of your life! I want to raise money to help support families in need. It is difficult to understand the financial pressures that a family faces when someone is diagnosed with cancer. Time off work, parking, trips, and integrative and complementary care can all place huge burdens on family finances. If you know of a family that can use our help, please contact us. I hope you enjoy my story and pass this book onto others that may need it. Thank you.