Tee It Up Terry

About Tee It Up Terry

The first two Tee it up for Terry events were set up to help support my own cancer battle. At the second Tee it Up, i told everyone we would be back at Timberwolf for a party when i was cancer free. Well Tee it up for Terry III, was a victory celebration as we shared the moment I was told I was cancer free. At Tee it up for Terry IV we celebrated some of the success stories of our fundraising efforts. And finally at Tee it up for Terry V, we continued to raise funds, celebrate survivor victories, and to introduce Beating Cancer – My Survival Guide.

The Terry Ames Care Fund at the Northern Cancer Foundation was set up to help other families who needed our financial help so that they could focus on beating cancer.

As important as this event was to raise money for families fighting cancer, the success of Tee it up for Terry has more to do with helping to inspire patients and their families and creating hope where it often can be lost. Tee It up for the Terry Ames Care Fund (TACF) VI on July 25, 2022, will bring many, many people back who have been part of my journey. Our goal Is to celebrate some success stories and their families, reminiscing about past events, raise funds for local families, launch the Second Edition of the Book and honour some of those who didn’t make It.

Photos Through The Years